Summary: From exquisite statement pieces to the classics, the quirkier, or the practical ones – there is an implausible selection of leather bags for women. Take your pick from leather handbags for women, featuring carry-all totes, cross-body slings, shoulder bags, petite leather purses, and much more. Here are 6 quintessential leather bags every woman should have in her closet. 


“Life is too short to wear boring bags.” Make sure your wardrobe has the best selection of leather bags that are beautiful, practical, and timeless. No matter what trends come and go, these bags will never grow out of fashion, being your perfect travel partner. Discussed here are 6 must-have leather bags for women of any style or taste.

# The “Carry-it-all” Totes

Who said totes are outdated! They are the perfect companion for women who love to carry all their essentials. To be true, these “everyday” leather bags can pretty much carry your entire world. From fitting in a spare hoodie, a book, makeup essentials, quick snacks, or even a small water bottle – totes are an excellent value for your money if you carry it all.

Leather hand bags for women

However, these bags often come in oversized versions. So, pick textured leather or a pop of vibrant color to prevent them from making your body frame look swamped.


# The Casual Yet Practical Crossbody Sling Bags

When it comes to leather handbags for women, crossbody slings are ever-trendy, practical, and a great value for money. Their meticulous design and size make them spacious enough to fit all your essentials yet small enough to flaunt them crossbody.  

Leather cross body bags for women

Crossbody bags and slings are a woman’s fashion staple that keeps your feet light and hands-free. These are perfect to carry at work, on casual evenings, or even running errands. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors, you’ll simply fall in love with these pretty slings and crossbody bags.

# The Quintessential Shoulder Bag

The 90’s fashion makes a comeback with the classic leather shoulder bags; a must-have for women who love style and practicality in fashion. There are many reasons why we think leather shoulder bags must have a place in every woman’s wardrobe. And you must be having one already! They help create an excellent style statement in casual work events or parties.

Leather Shoulder bag for Women

Additionally, the bags are sufficiently roomy to hold your essentials while being easy to carry. And most importantly, they never become old-fashioned. Shoulder bags resurrect year after year in varied styles and designs – making their place in every woman’s closet.

When buying leather shoulder bags, pick neutral colors that will perfectly complement any dress and fashion statement.    

# Pretty Purses

Whatever be the occasion, complete your look with the right leather purses for women. These are compact and spacious yet known for their timeless appeal and style. Women’s purses can conveniently carry your wallet, mobile phone, quick makeup essentials, facial tissues, and other smaller essentials. Multiple pockets and compartments help keep your things organized and ensure easy access.

prettry leather purses for women

Pick a leather purse in a hue that is vibrant enough to add a touch of personality to any look or attire.

# Go Quirky with a Statement Piece

If you love to experiment, a quirky and one-of-a-kind handbag will never disappoint you. You may find bags in varied shapes, sizes, and styles – each adding a touch of uniqueness to your look, making your heads turn in appreciation. Pick a leather bag with embroidered design or hand engraving, flowers, vibrant colors, or abstract stripes.


These bags are perfect for night-outs with friends, casual parties, or when you go for fun shopping.

# All-day Leather Clutches

All day leather clutches for women

From a laid-back office meeting to a romantic dinner date or a cocktail party with friends, the day-to-nighttime clutches are your perfect companion. These are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted from premium-quality leather to ensure unmatched appeal and durability. You may pick a foldover clutch or a zippered one, available in attractive colors and prints.


 It’s true – these aren’t the most exhaustive list of leather handbags for women. There are numerous other types of bags that fashion-conscious women love to carry. But these are the fashion wardrobe staples that will never disappoint you or become outdated. From leather purses for women to totes, shoulder bags, or clutches – pick a bag that matches your style statement and personality.