Could you remember a day you stepped out of your home for college, private tuition, office or gym without a bag? Such a scenario is most unlikely to happen because a bag, irrespective of the type, is everyone's go-to companion when they go outside. In this article, you will learn about messenger bags in detail, especially the types of messenger bags and materials.

Earlier messenger bags were known as courier bags because bicycle couriers and those who provided messenger services would use them. The irrefutable reason for using these bags nowadays is still the same as it was back then. 

One can sling a messenger bag easily over the shoulder and carry it comfortably. Premium-quality leather messenger bags are remarkably durable and can last a lifetime if you maintain them properly. 

Growing Popularity of Messenger Bags

Ancient Roman people used Messenger bags, and they have been around for many centuries. The versatility aspect of these bags contributes immensely to their popularity, which has increased a lot lately. These user-friendly, spacious bags, a perfect alternative to a backpack, are available in varying types and designs on both traditional and online marketplaces. 

Besides carrying a messenger bag to your university or work, it is just the right option when you go on a short holiday or business trip. It helps you easily store your essentials as it comes with multiple compartments. In addition, it shares certain similarities with a briefcase, which is why more office-goers use a messenger bag these days. 

Types of Messenger Bags

• Briefcase Messenger Bag

Inarguably, one chief characteristic of a briefcase messenger bag is the material it is made of, which is full-grain or top-grain leather. Also, this formal sort of messenger bag comes with a frontal flap. Aaron Leather Goods Genuine Leather Briefcase Bags

Similar to briefcases, these bags also have spacious compartments inside and a few pockets on the exterior for quick and easy access to small, important belongings. Besides the ones that men use, a women's leather messenger bag is also ideal in a formal setting. 

• Satchel Messenger Bag

The secure closure aspect qualifies a satchel as one type of messenger bag. This specific sort of bag comes with a couple of vertical straps that help keep the bag's stuff safe and protected. It is suitable to use for both casual as well as formal purposes. These canvas or leather satchel bags look pretty stylish because of the clasps, buckles and zippers. Genuine Leather Satchel Bag - Aaron Leather Goods

• Vertical Messenger Bag
It is quite normal for the majority of people to imagine a messenger bag that is wider. However, this very kind of messenger bag is much less wide than the usual one. Rather it is taller. Thus many people or users regard it as a vertical messenger bag. You can keep and carry a lot of your important stuff in it without discomfort. It is available in different styles and made of various materials.
 Genuine Leather Verticle Messenger Bag - Aaron Leather Goods

Military Messenger Bag

The appearance of the exterior of these leather and canvas messenger bags is similar to the color tone and pattern of military or army dress uniforms. The eye-catching earth tones like greens, khaki, browns and camouflage are common and are precisely what set this type of messenger bag apart. Leather Canvas Military Messenger Bag - Aaron Leather Goods

Moreover, they are very functional because these bags feature multiple pockets both inside and outside. Canvas and leather are two prime materials to manufacture this sort of messenger bag. Besides enabling users to store their essentials, it helps them amp up their style quotient. 

Camera Messenger Bags

You must own one if you are a professional photographer. This messenger bag helps a user safely store as well as carry a camera and other associated gears. It shares a similarity with an organizer that has multiple pockets. However, all pockets of a camera messenger bag are on the inside. Leather Canvas Camera Messenger Bag - Aaron Leather Goods

Your camera and its gears, like lenses, hoods, etc., won't clunk together because of the padding right between every pocket and section. Most camerapersons prefer owning this particular bag because it ensures top-level safety for the DSLR camera as there is a dedicated compartment. 

Aside from the ones enumerated above, a few more types of canvas and leather messenger bags are available offline and online. You can get your hands on the best quality messenger bag of your choice if you visit the e-store of a leading messenger bag manufacturer.