People have been using aprons for ages, primarily for professional and household purposes. Earlier, many would wear aprons while performing ceremonial activities. In ancient times, pharaohs and priests put on ornamental aprons to symbolize their status in society. Apart from protecting clothes and the body from unwanted substances, aprons indicate some particular trades.

Many people from the beginning see the apron as a hospitality symbol, whether you know it or not. You might have seen your mother or grandmother wearing one while baking cakes or pies at home and chefs at hotels. Individuals from different professions wear aprons while performing their routine activities. You can buy a leather apron if you often cook at your residence to keep your dress free of stains.

Indeed, aprons made of high-quality material, be it leather or canvas, can be extremely handy when one carries out professional or household activities. Keep reading to learn about various workplace aprons and the ones you can wear while doing multiple tasks at your residence.

Bib Aprons

Besides being the most common type of aprons, these are also very adaptable. Putting on a bib apron is just a matter of a minute as it comes with an easy-to-adjust loop, sitting around the neck. Tying the loop at the waist level is a simple thing to do.

These aprons ensure excellent body coverage, right from the chest up to the knee portion. Most bib aprons feature front pockets and are incredibly versatile and useful. You won’t have to worry about stained clothes while you cook or clean as it covers the maximum front part of the body.

Waist Aprons

The name itself indicates the position where one has to put on this specific apron, which is the waist. It protects your lap area from dirt, debris, and messes. Fastening these waist aprons is simple. You need to tie them around the front or on the rear side at the waist level.

You probably have seen waiters and servers at restaurants wearing these aprons. The good quality ones come with a couple of pockets to help them keep stuff such as an order pad, pens, straws, and many more. These aprons are not ideal for kitchen staff or chefs because of the less coverage area.

Cobbler Aprons

In the housekeeping and healthcare sectors, you will come across a lot of workers wearing cobbler aprons. Also, those who work in cafes and bakeries, besides arts and crafts units, prefer putting on these aprons. You might also find them wearing a waxed canvas apron these days.

Cobbler aprons ensure complete coverage to the front and rear torso. However, these aprons do not provide protection to your legs. You won’t struggle to tie a cobbler apron on both sides at the waist.

Tabard Aprons

You might not believe it, but tabard aprons have been here since the Middle Ages. These aprons cover the front and rear sides of the body, ensuring top-notch protection. Primarily, knights, monks, laborers, and cobblers would put on tabard aprons in that era. In today’s time, mostly nurses, bakers, and retail store employees wear these aprons to keep their clothes clean.

Bistro Aprons

You must have seen wait staff at premium fine dining hotels and restaurants with bistro aprons. Such an apron is a part of their uniform. It has multiple pockets on the front side, where servers can easily keep serving spoons, besides other necessary things, and carry everything with ease.

However, these aprons only ensure protection from the waist up to a few inches above the feet. Bistro aprons are a bit longer than waist aprons.

Wood Working

Individuals involved in woodworking mostly wear highly tear-resistant and durable aprons made of top-grain leather. It is prudent to visit a trusted leather apron online store to get your hands on an apron that is perfect for you or the person you want to gift.

These aprons ensure next-level protection for workers and their clothes from unwanted stuff while they perform their laborious tasks. Another aspect that makes these workplace aprons stand out is the presence of multiple pockets for carrying tools.

The aforementioned types of aprons are a key part of workplace uniforms. However, you can make a purchase of bib aprons made of leather or waxed canvas for cooking and performing other chores at your house. Keep in mind that it is a must to visit a leading leather apron online store to make sure the apron you buy is worth every penny.