There are a lot of different sorts of aprons. But when you really want to catch the shine, it is definitely the best to pick a leather one. Actually, not only for the shine but also because leather chef aprons are just the easiest to work with. The main reason: you don’t have to wash them.

When you are making spots on the apron, which is totally reasonable because this is why you are using them in the first place, you can easily whip it off with a damp cloth. That is a lot easier than washing the fabric aprons after using it. And besides that, the leather aprons look so good, that it will give you enough self-confidence to cook for the whole family.

The leather aprons of Aaron Leather Goods are getting used by professional chefs, but also for the home-cooking chefs. Therefore the aprons are perfect when you are behind the barbecue or a grill. Other than linen or cotton aprons, the leather ones protects you against the heat and grease stains.

Different Material Of Aprons

All the leather aprons from Aaron are made with soft high-quality grain leather. They are made with 100% leather and they are all handcrafted and unisex, so every apron is both wearable for men and women. They all have an adjustable neck and waist belt to make sure the apron fits perfectly for everyone. There are four different kinds of collection. To start with the classic collection, Turin Waxed Canvas, the most common one. Then there is the authentic Florence Suede collection, for the tougher appearanceArucas Suede, just like the craft collection. And last but not least, there is the comfort collection Benito and Lemos Canvas, with a special pocket to keep your kitchen accessories close to you.

How To Wear An Apron

There are a number of different apron styles but the most common is the full- length apron with a neck loop and waist ties. If the neck loop is not fixed, you will need to tie this first. The apron should cover the top of your clothing, but it should not be constraining in any way. Cross the waist ties at your back and tie them in a bow at the front, not so tight as to be uncomfortable but tight enough to prevent the apron from getting in the way of your work.

Aprons without ties

Cross back, no tie aprons are slipped on over the head and do not require any tying. The lack of ties makes these aprons a less snug fit and therefore you need to ensure that the apron is the right size.

Aprons without a neck strap

The traditional apron features a neck strap. If the apron has pockets, the weight of the pockets’ contents will pull on the neck strap and cause it to ride up over a collar and create discomfort. A cross back design dispenses with the neck strap in favour of adjustable straps which rest on the shoulders and cross at the back. Manufacturers claim that this design is more comfortable and better for your posture.

Aprons without bibs

Aprons without bibs are the oldest form of apron design. A sheet of material is tied around the waist to provide protection to the front of the legs. This design is only practical if the activity involved is only likely to result in splashes to below the waist.

Aprons with and without pockets

Pockets in aprons provide swift, easy access to tools or accessories however, too much weight in apron pockets will pull on the neck loop and cause discomfort. Chefs’ aprons often don’t have pockets because the apron is there to do one job only and that is to keep the chef clean and not get in the way.

Aprons with leather straps

Aprons made from material such as canvas often feature leather straps for the neck and waist ties. Leather straps are chosen because they are strong, durable and comfortable to wear.

Aprons with shoulder straps

With a shoulder strap apron, the weight of the apron and more importantly anything you may be carrying in the pockets, rests on the shoulders rather than the neck. This design lacks the pleasing simplicity of a neck hoop apron but if well fitted it is, arguably, more comfortable to wear.

Aprons with a cross-over back

Another alternative to an apron with a neck hoop is a cross-over design with adjustable straps which cross in the middle of the back. As with shoulder straps, the intention behind this design is to give greater comfort, however, unless you are carrying lead weights in the pockets it seems unlikely that a neck hoop apron would ever be uncomfortable.

Get Your Aprons Customized With Aaron

You can add your initials on the apron, get it embossed or embroidered with logos, you can add custom logo as well to promote your business.

Aprons can be personalized as per the given specifications.