The temptation of buying branded leather accessories is irresistible. The style, the durability, and the refinement add to your overall look! Not to forget that they are easy to care for and long-lasting – but only until you “properly” care. If you do not know the right techniques to take care of your leather accessories or use the wrong products, it can damage the leather over time. 

A premium leather accessory is a big investment. It is pretty expensive. No wonder, you would expect the best value for the money you spend. Indeed, leather does not need extensive care, but they do need the right care. So, make sure you do not make these common mistakes when taking care of genuine leather accessories.

1. Not Cleaning Your Leather Accessories Regularly 

And with ‘cleaning,’ we do not mean conditioning or polishing your leather accessories daily. No; leather does not need so much care. But at least you should dust it once every 1 or 2 weeks or gently wipe it. When you do not clean your leather accessories regularly, dust and mold will build up and cause premature damage to the products. They will lose the sheen and beauty that is so typical of leather.

Branded Leather Accessories

To avoid this, dust your leather goods using a dry and soft microfiber cloth. The brush of your vacuum cleaner also works fine. But make sure you do not wipe too aggressively or it may cause scratches. 

2. Not Cleaning the Stains Right Away or Making Them Worse 

Imagine you are enjoying a glass of your favorite red wine and accidentally, you spill some on your leather backpack. If you do not clean it right away, it will become permanent and cause a stain. Also, not using the right technique to clean the stain may make it even worse. 

Leather Accessories

Whenever you spill any liquid on your leather accessories, blot the area immediately using a dry rag to help absorb the moisture. Do not rub the leather, otherwise, the liquid can spread. And make sure not to allow the stain to set. Buy a good-quality leather restoration kit that can help you get rid of the stain, but without damaging the leather.      

3. Using Harsh Chemicals, Detergents, and Soaps 

When you buy the best leather accessories, you must care for them properly. This includes using the right kind of cleaners. 

However, often, people use detergents, soaps, and harsh chemicals, which can be extremely harmful to leather goods. These cleaning agents have high pH levels, which can damage the leather fiber. As such, your much-loved leather accessory will start to dry out, crack, and lose its shine over time. 

To avoid this, use cleaners that are specifically made for leather products. These do not contain harmful chemicals and are gentle on leather. 

4. Not Prioritizing Optimum Storage of Branded Leather Accessories 

This is another common mistake that people do, often unknowingly – not storing their leather accessories properly. If it is squished amidst hundreds of other things, it can damage the integrity of the leather and cracks may build up over time. Similarly, if you wrap it inside something thinking it will protect your leather accessory, then you are wrong. Lack of ventilation will cause mildew to build up. 

Therefore, store your leather goods in a place that is airier, cool, and does not come in contact with direct sunlight.          

5. Exposing Your Leather Accessories to Excessive Sunlight 

It is unlikely to expose your genuine leather accessories like belts, mobile cases, and eyewear cases to sunlight. However, make sure you do not store them in places that are near direct sunlight. Sunlight and high temperatures may cause your leather products to get discolored or fade over time. The heat may also dry out the leather fiber, causing them to shrink or crack. So, be careful that you do not leave them by sunlight or artificial sources of heat. 

6. Using Too Much Water to Clean Your Leather Accessories 

No matter how unlikely it may seem, water can have dire consequences on your leather goods. When exposed to too much water, it can permeate through the leather pores and damage them over time. So, make sure you do not excessive water when cleaning your leather accessories.


No matter how exceptionally good your branded leather accessories are, it is crucial to be aware of the potential problems with leather care. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes and improve the longevity & appeal of your leather goods.