How To Take Care Of Leather Accessories- (Leather Shoes, Bags And Wallets)

Leather is a premium-class material that oozes sophistication. At the same time, it could look robust and ragtag for a rough and tough look. What does it mean? It means that the look of the leather depends on your choice.

Its care depends on you, as well. Many people find it confusing about which method is best to maintain the leather. Truth be told, all of them are essential. However, there's time and limit to how you should take care of your leather goods.

Here is the perfect care regime for your leather goods to remain lustrous and replenish opulence:

Damp Cloth:

A damp cloth should be in everyone's care collection for leather. It will help you wipe off dirt and dust from the leather. Using this for everyday cleaning is the best thing you can do to maintain your leather's appeal and integrity. Do you think that brushes are more critical? Let's find out.

Using Brush For Leather

Wire or suede brush is the best option you can choose for leather cleaning. However, similar to a damp cloth, you shouldn't use them with any product other than polish.

Don't brush your leather goods after applying anything other than polish. More importantly, once you let polish settle down, there's no need for you to clean your brush by using a brush.

Polish For Aesthetics

Polish is primarily for elevating the appeal of the leather and making it lustrous. It is not perfect for 'cleaning' the shoe, but it can provide a clean and flawless look.

If you want to tweak up the aesthetics and shine of your leather goods, you should polish them. Some polish comes with 'leather oil.' Essentially, it is lanolin, natural oil that softens the leather and moisturizes it.

Remember that regardless of what the product may claim, you would have to use a conditioner for proper nourishment. How often can you polish your leather goods? It's as per your requirements. There's no specific time frame.

Conditioning The Leather

Moisturizing your leather goods is as vital as hydrating your skin. If you want the leather to maintain the supple look and remain durable, using cream or conditioner to moisturize it is pivotal.

A moisturizer won't look shiny, but it will visibly rejuvenate your leather. You could look at it and feel as if it livened up. If done properly, you'll need to apply conditioner on your leather goods after every three months.

Some high-grade leather brands may even last up to 6 months without conditioner. However, using cream or conditioner isn't the same as providing it waterproofing. That requires a separate agent. 

Wax Protection

Leather WaxA leather wax provides waterproofing qualities to the leather. Additionally, it protects the leather from damage and repairs it (minorly) to maintain its longevity. If waterproofing is your requirement, you should wax your leather once a year.

However, the conditions change if you are in a snow or rain prone area. If your leather goods, like shoes, often come in contact with water, you might have to get wax more frequently.

Pro-Tips To Maintain Your Leather

  • You can use a waterproof spray in place of wax, but it might cover other parts and ruin them (like zipper or buttons)
  • The leather needs proper air circulation, as it is organic, like skin. Thus, you should store it in an area with proper ventilation
  • If you wet your shoes, wallet or other leather goods, wipe them using a damp cloth. Let them dry out naturally.
  • Don't or use any artificial method to dry them like hairdryer, ironing, etc.
  • Prevent prolonged sun exposure for your leather as much as possible. Don't use the sun to dry them, either.
  • For shoes, if you want them to maintain shape, use cedar shoe trees. Use hangars for your jacket.
  • Don't overfill your bags and wallets. Similarly, don't try to stretch your leather unnaturally. Once it stretches, it will become loose and deformed.

If you follow this maintenance regime for your leather goods, they'll always look lively. More importantly, remember the pro tips to ensure a better life for your leather goods.

In comparison to other materials, this is a very minimalistic requirement to maintain natural material like leather. If you take care of it, it will take care of you, by keeping you in style always.

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