As a beginner in the Leather world, my knowledge is pretty confined and I am still unable to differentiate genuine leather from a synthetic one. They say it will come with time, but in hindsight I know that the technological and manufacturing advancement in leather tanning and synthetic processing will make it even more difficult for me or anyone of us for that matter to differentiate. Having said that I mean the experts community does not infuse the methods to decipher genuine leather from synthetic as that wisdom is concealed within with no intent to share with the outside world.

They say, ‘To each, his own’ but as an amateur, what I wonder why this approach is adopted on a worldwide scale. There is something about these adopted patterns which stirs anxiety and the words flowing out of my brain into this page gives me the time to consider what I really want to convey. When you write or attempt to write an article about the subject with limited exposure, all you do is introspect and at the same time suspect the prevailing leather market trends. Someone once said that Life is about working words into stories and as of now I am doing the same.

To start with Leather is a natural product which will age with time and needs to be taken care of either by moisturizing or by specified leather care procedures. Genuine leather product gets better with age but possess one common trait; regardless of the treatment methods, they are natural products which preserve their core characteristics and the leather surface fades naturally over time thus showing signs like difference in grain, texture, scars and pigmentation but highlighting the authenticity and unique beauty of the product.

Even with excellent care, they will still age; but a well looked after and aged leather product is just as beautiful as a new one, if not even more so. This ageing process is termed as ‘Patina’, and it is a very cherished and admired effect which is almost impossible to replicate without the exposure of leather products to natural wear and tear. This natural ageing effect adds character and gives it a life-story of its very own, every mark, scratch and crack tells a tale.

Hence we at Aaron Leather invite you to share with us the story of your most valued leather product which was submissive to natural causes. Don’t we endorse leather products and use them on daily basis either in the form of classic essentials or as luxury leather boutiques.

To own one is one thing but unable to authenticate the leather is a different ball game and this is what drives me to unravel the mystery. Before I proceed with my findings, a well known fact is that, ‘What comes easy, won’t last long and what is derived from sheer hard work and commitment will be there till eternity’.