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Empowerment & Women are Symbolic

The very word empowerment implies a community or gender which needs empowering as had been a suppressor. Having said that and without being cynical, the world comprises of two communities; Oppressor and Suppressor. As informed and well read individuals, the term related to the above notion does bring into our mind the coined slogan “Women Empowerment” which refers to making women powerful and to make them capable of deciding for themselves. As time evolved and with enhanced perspective, women realized their power hence began the revolution for women empowerment.

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Camouflage Gears

The very word brings in hindsight the virtual projection of national security personnel or the military Para-troopers with all their heavy gears being prepped up for combat training and contingency tact and awareness. What we often fail to understand is that the gear, the uniform, the very person has a character and appeal which blends into the natural surrounding so as to remain invisible unless revealed on purpose.

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