Few fabrics hold up as good as a waxed canvas apron! Tough, durable, and heirloom quality – the apron will certainly outlast you. The high-quality paraffin wax coating impregnates the cotton fabric, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is designed to withstand extreme wear & tear. 

And not to forget that amazing crinkly look! Give your apron proper care and it can last a lifetime! 

Here’s how to take care of your apron. 

Do’s and Don’ts of canvas Apron Care 

Do's and don't do's when taking care of waxed canvas aprons

Wax canvas aprons are typically low maintenance. But make sure you know how to take proper care to make the most of your apron. 

# Follow the Right Methods to Wash Your Canvas Apron 

Just because the waxed canvas is rugged and long-lasting doesn’t mean you will use just anything or a method to wash your apron. 

  • Do not machine wash 
  • Do not use detergents, solvents, or harsh bleach  
  • Do not scrub the apron aggressively; gently wipe the dirt clean  
  • Do not use hot water to wash your canvas-made apron 
  • Do not dry clean 

Make sure you avoid these, otherwise, they can be detrimental to the protective wax finish of the apron.

If dirt and debris accumulate, simply beat it or shake it away. Store the apron in a well-ventilated place, away from high temperatures. This is because waxed canvas contains moisture, which causes mold to grow when exposed to hot and humid conditions. Follow these instructions if you are using a leather apron.

#Spot Clean Your Waxed Canvas Aprons for Small Stains 

Usually, waxed canvas aprons do not require regular deep cleaning. If it becomes grimy, greasy, or muddy, gently scrub it away using a bristled brush. Scuffs are inevitable when you use your apron daily, but they will seamlessly blend into the fabric’s weathered patina. If at all it needs cleaning, spot clean it using a damp towel. 

Use cool water and a rag to spot clean stubborn stains and spots. If it needs elbow greasing at all, make sure you use a mild gentle cleanser. Apply the cleaner, gently scrub it in a circular motion, and allow it to dry.   

#Deep Cleaning 

Once in a while, you can deep clean your waxed canvas apron. However, never machine wash it or use detergents or bleach to clean the apron. Take lukewarm water and fully soak the apron in it. Lightly massage the dirty areas and use a gentle soap used for waxed canvas fabrics. Rinse the apron thoroughly using lukewarm water and air dry it. 

#Rewax When Required 

While you may not require waxing your canvas apron quite often, you might want to rewax it after years of heavy usage. Over daily wear & tear, the wax coating is likely to get thinner. Hence, the apron does not remain as waterproof as before. By rewaxing, you can revive the look and performance of your apron. Rewaxing the apron also helps beef up the protective layer, improving the longevity of your apron. 

Make sure you use high-quality wax. But before applying it, clean all dust or lint that may be stuck on the apron. Elsewhere, the wax will cover up all the dust and grime. The process of rewaxing is pretty simple. Simply apply the wax to your canvas or leather apron using a soft brush or lint-free cotton cloth. Make sure you spread the wax evenly throughout the apron. 

Using a hair dryer, heat the wax to soften it for easy application. Rub off the excess wax and blend it with the hair dryer. Apply wax to areas that appear dry or shiny. Th waxy odor will go away after some time.   

#Do Not Iron Waxed Canvas 

Ironing waxed canvas can heat the fabric and it can damage the protective layering. All creases and wrinkles can be finger pressed and you do not need an iron. If at all you need to iron, use it in a medium setting and with a press cloth. It can help smooth out wrinkles and creases without damaging the apron. Rather than using an iron, you can use a dryer or a steel fabric roller to make even and crisp hems. 


A waxed canvas apron can be one of your best buys, which gets even better with regular wear & tear. Over time, it develops a unique character. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for years to come. Make sure you follow this guide to improve the look, performance, and longevity of your canvas apron.