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Aaron Leather Goods is an exclusive leather boutique and manufacturer of classic and bespoke products. The ideology behind the establishment is that people are not buying products but an experience so we at ALG try to reciprocate the gesture in the form of quality, design, and craftsmanship which is a very natural fit for the customers. We do have complex machinery and automated quality tests but holding the product in our bare hands and having a close look at every stitch and detail is our way of product inspection.

The world we see today is the one never dreamt of but as said by a great visionary ‘Life moves on, no matter what so we as humans are optimistic to an acute sense where inventions occur at the most tipping point. The pandemic witnessed by all of us is far beyond fatal as it has the power to restrict our species in concealment and isolation or commonly known terminology of social distancing.

The very concept of augmented reality, virtual reality, and the digital era seem to have taken over our personal quest for relationships and physical interactions. COVID-19 is such a term associated with a virus which we as humans will remember till entirety but the optimist in us believes that we will recover and stand united with strong belief, solidarity, and resolution towards humanity and nature.

Having said the above and keeping in mind the requirements of household stuff, we at Aaron Leather Goods after a detailed survey and thought process have designed and manufactured a dedicated range of Home Essentials. The ideology here is neither of the renowned quotes, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ nor of the widely acknowledged quote, ‘Desperate times, desperate measures’ but simply due to the mere understated fact that a home needs to be reinvented on regular basis to have that sort of dynamic with its residents.

Our home essentials products cater to one and all simply due to their outreach and utility offered on a personal level. As of April 2020, our world is experiencing a new trend of work-from-home culture which in a way has triggered an unwanted demand for home essentials for optimum efficiency of corporate tasks. ALG would like to support the work-from-home culture for the welfare of society and hence has designed products that are best suited as an aid or comfort provider for enduring tasks at home.

Our home essentials have a diversified product line from lifestyle products to office essentials to corporate necessities to comfort tools to dining solutions to decor range. What we hope to achieve from this is that the product line or range offers the utmost utility and comfort to end users while working or idolizing their time at home. Our products are designed and crafted with a sense of value and belonging to your home. Work from Home will be the next big thing in the near future with digital advancement and technological updates hence our products are well suited for the purpose.