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Our Sustainability Policies
Our Sustainability Policies

At Aaron we care about the place we call home, our planet, and we are acting upon it in every way from the Tanneries we work with to the processes we use in creating our quality products. It is important to note that Leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. What that means is that Leather is simply made from the hides and skins left behind. If these skins were not put to use in such a way, 7.3 million tonnes of these skins would contribute terribly to our global landfills. Rather, we are creating a quality and luxurious product that can last a lifetime and in fact generations to come. You can be assured the stars in the sky would look upon our earth and be content to see you carrying a hand crafted Aaron product that has been made with sustainability and simplicity.

We call that 'upcycling' and more than that 'planet loving' and at Aaron Leathers that's a promise we make to our stars.

Each luxurious piece in our collection is proudly finished with the Aaron star. Let it remind you of our promise to this beautiful planet we call home.