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Leather Care


All products manufactured by Aaron Leather Goods are made from natural leather which will age with time. Just like our own skin, it will need moisturizing and caring, if they are to be kept in pristine condition for a long span. Even with excellent care, they will still age; but a well-looked after and the aged leather product is just as beautiful as a new one, if not even more so.

This aging process is termed ‘Patina’, and it is a very cherished and admired effect which is almost impossible to replicate without the exposure of leather products to natural wear and tear. This natural aging effect adds character and gives it a life story of its very own, every mark, scratch, and crack tells a tale. We at Aaron Leather invite you to share with us the story of your most valued leather product which was submissive to natural causes.

Leather products get better with age but possess one common trait; regardless of the treatment methods, they are natural products that preserve their core characteristics and the leather surface fades naturally over time thus showing some signs like the difference in grain, texture, scars, and pigmentation but highlighting the authenticity and unique beauty of the product.

Leather portfolio is enormous due to multiple tanning processes which create numerous leather types and cater to the needs and demands of all the retail segments imaginable. Despite the immensity of the leather product range we at Aaron Leather try to depict the most usable leather types, their core, characteristics, and caring procedures:

Pull-Up Leather Care:
Pull-up leather (also known as waxy or oily pull-up) has a natural worn look which will lighten in color when stretched. This leather is natural leather that may have some natural marks and shade variation. This type of leather will age and appear more ‘lived in' with use.

            • Dust on a weekly basis with a soft cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.
            • If you spill something on your furniture use a dry cloth to immediately dab off any excess. Do not rub.
            • Gently warming and rubbing with a soft cloth to redistribute the oils in the leather can remove some superficial scratches.
            • Do not use normal household cleaning products.
            • If you use a recommended cleaning or re-oiling product to offer more protection but this may alter the color of the leather.

            Antique Leather Care:
            Antique Grain (two-tone or rub-off) is a leather to which a special surface has been applied to mimic the unique ‘Worn' or “Wash” appearance of the more traditional leathers. This is achieved by a top coat that is applied unevenly, or rubbed off, to reveal a paler color beneath. There will be natural marks and some shade variation and this type of leather will age more over time.

            • Dust on a weekly basis with a soft cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.
            • If you stain your furniture use a damp cloth to immediately dab off any excess. Do not rub. Do not use excess water, as water staining can occur.
            • Do not use normal household cleaning products.
            • If you use a recommended antique leather cleaning product always pay attention to the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first.
            • A recommended antique grain protection cream can be applied to offer more protection against staining and scratching but this may alter the color of the leather.

            What happens to Leather Products with time? 

            • It loses moisture and oils.
            • As this occur the leather dries and the leather fibers could break, rather than stretch.
            • The more you use your leather product, the faster this will happen.

            How to avoid this? 
            That’s very easy, moisturize. Just like your skin a leather bag requires daily moisturizing to protect it. There are several ways to do that. For day to day maintenance a dab of sunflower/vegetable oil, on a dry, clean sponge or cloth rubbed over the bag evenly will work to re-oil the leather. Or you could use a moisturizer specifically designed for leather protection. 

            Polishing and scratches 
            The best way to treat scratches is to avoid it in the first place. Keep your satchel away from sharp objects and pay careful attention when putting your bag down on the floor, etc. But if you use your bag everyday scratch is almost unavoidable but don’t worry most scratches can be treated or avoided. To avoid scratches, apply boot polish, Vaseline or saddle soap. This creates a protective layer that will help you avoid small scratches. 

            To treat scratches, if the scratches are small, rub it gently with your fingers as the natural oils on your finger will work into the leather. For larger scratches and marks apply a tiny amount of oil to the mark, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe the excess away with a clean soft cloth. If the scratches are still visible you can use leather polish or a dye to cover the scratched area. Always spot test before you apply any sort of products on the leather, to see if you are happy with the results before proceeding on the complete bag. 

            Aaron Leather Care Solutions
            Aaron Leather care solutions covers our entire portfolio as it is product specific so if the leather products become dry and lusterless, apply a small amount of oil or cream as per the instructions stated below:

            • Use a soft cloth / sponge and rub it lightly in a circular motion;

            • Conduct a patch test on a less visible part to check how the oil or cream reacts with the leather;

            • Once the patch is conditioned leave it for 24 hours to examine any changes in the leather color;

            • The different absorption properties of each hide allow for unique textures and color variations;

            • Use the cream as needed to lubricate and replenish the original suppleness and sheen of natural leather and ensure it is worked into the seams and remove any excess cream with the cloth;

            • To waterproof it is recommended to first apply a care product to help lock moisture and keep the fibers of the skin supple. Only apply the waterproof content to areas that will be exposed;

            • Never use products that contain Lanolin – often found in baby wipes.

            Applying any form of leather care products in the form of oil, cream, wax or polish will almost always warrant a change in the leather color and texture. So our advice as a product expert in Aaron Leather is to always do a patch test before applying to the whole leather product to see if you are happy with the outcome.

            We want our clientele and customer database to reap benefits by being associated with us and hope the knowledge imparted helps you maintain the leather inventory in the manner you feel comfortable and confident while carrying the esteemed Aaron Leather products.