Benefits of The Wallet

One of the clearest differences between a wallet and a cardholder, is the fact you are able to carry around more of your personal belongings in a more secure way. A wallet can safely take care of your important items such as your store or loyalty cards, receipts for purchases, driver’s license, travel documents, cash and more

Useful concealed compartments

A lot of wallets will have a wealth of uber neat and convenient zipped sections that help organize your super busy life, from a day at the office, to weekend sporting activities, city breaks and other kinds of travel including backpacking trips to that wonderful exotic destination you’ve been longing to visit!

Downsides to a wallet?

  • Of course, the primary downside of a wallet as compared with a cardholder is the size. A wallet is bigger than the more slimline cardholder and may not fit well with those who like to wear skinny jeans!


  • Wallets do tend to suffer a little more in terms of wear and tear than a card holder as often they are maybe thrown into a satchel, your gym or work bag and over time it can cause the leather to crease and wear a little over time.


  • With Aaron’s beautiful patented slim design incorporated into our wallets, which were made purposefully to remain slim regardless of how much is inside it. Our design philosophy for ultra-slim wallets and accessories allows for both minimal and maximal carry depending on the size of the wallet you choose. We also design for practicality with cleverly hidden compartments and plenty of storage for all your important stuff while giving a sleek appearance perfect for keeping in your front pocket!


Benefits of a cardholder

A super compact and versatile card holder, designed to blend in perfectly with your pockets are an increasingly popular accessory decision for many.


  • A card holder won’t bulge excessively when filled with loose change and can also be easier to access in your front pocket, rather than being thrown into a bag, rucksack or backpack. Naturally it's small size will accommodate only what it fits, which is less than a wallet.


  • Another benefit of a card holder is that it really makes you decide what items are important enough to be carried around with you on a daily basis. Opting for a smaller cardholder can be a pivotal moment in structuring and organizing your daily personal items such as store cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and others.


  • Often when we decide to buy a new wallet and we are emptying out the old one, it can be pretty surprising the amount of stuff we carry around daily, which we may not even use, opting for a card holder can really help us to hone down the really important items we need. These could be maybe your check account card, public transport card and a bit of folded cash for emergencies. Maybe the loyalty card from the coffee shop down the street gets left behind since most of these programs now come in digital format instead of the old paper card.



  • A card holder can often be more durable given its size and the fact you can slot it easily into a pocket on your person, rather than the wear and tear a wallet may get from being bundled into a bag every day or carried in the back pocket.


           A card holder won’t lose its shape by being sat on accidentally if you’ve popped it in your back                 pocket and as they are extremely light and can be carried easily in pockets, you won’t waste                   precious time rummaging through your work or gym bag in order to locate it.