The very word empowerment implies a community or gender which needs empowering as had been a suppressor. Having said that and without being cynical, the world comprises of two communities; Oppressor and Suppressor. As informed and well read individuals, the term related to the above notion does bring into our mind the coined slogan “Women Empowerment” which refers to making women powerful and to make them capable of deciding for themselves.  As time evolved and with enhanced perspective, women realized their power hence began the revolution for women empowerment.

Almost every country, no matter how progressive has a history of discriminating against women. However with due realization, strategies have been implemented on a global level to empower women and give their due share of gender equality and respect. The world has come to terms with the fact that Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights. The individuals and government have come together to make it happen. Education for girls has been made compulsory so that women can become illiterate to make a life for themselves. Women of today are given equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of gender as various programs are held where they are taught skills to fend for themselves and be self dependent.

Aaron Leather Goods is one such organization which endorses the value of self respect and stand in solidarity for woman empowerment. An apt quote, “Empower a man and you empower an individual. Empower a woman and you empower a family” says it all about the impact and implications of gender equality. Needless to state we implement the directives of the Government with regards to corporate culture and corporate policies for the working staff along with added guidelines for women workers.

 We have a healthy and safe working environment which is reflected in terms of organization approach and vibe. Aaron Leather Goods caters to its employees needs and demands in a rational manner so as to retain the talent and maintain a positive atmosphere on the floor. Empowering a woman is an act of introspection rather than an act of dominance or superiority towards a community or gender. We have implemented a set of channels and guidelines for the female workers in our organization to the best of our ability and understanding of the obvious notion:

We do not entertain pay disparity on gender basis and practice equal pay module.

We provided healthy & safe working environment for women.

We abide by the work timings for women with a strict “No Night Shifts Policy”.

We do not tolerate indecent gestures based on gender and follow “Termination Policy”.

We extend our utmost support and enroll them in Government schemes or policies which provide them with financial security and higher interest rate on savings.

We provide medical benefits to all employees of our organization with an added extension of days on maternity leave for women.

We indulge in the practice of feedback of employees upon the code of conduct of aligned individuals to ascertain decent approach.

What we practice and what we implement are not some mandates imposed by the Government but rules and regulations for the smooth functionality of our organization. Aaron Leather Goods indulge in the just version of woman empowerment as we believe it is not our duty but it is what is rightly deserved and commanded by the women of this world. Let’s facilitate and reciprocate the gesture as it is not about empowering women but about empowering our world to its utmost potential.