Aaron Leather is an Amercian, minimalistic brand that makes sustainable leather bags. We believe in high quality, handmade products that have soul. To guarantee sustainability, we focus on a very powerful aspect: the design. That’s why our products have timeless, genderless and ageless design, which goes against the fast-fashion industry. We work with a few very strong items, that may be complemented with new ones over time. The production is limited, so the items will be available while supplies last.

But each item is designed with love for perfection.

What makes Aaron Bags Sustainable

We focus on timeless design and timeless design is the ultimate form of durability because you won't get tired of your bag after a month or a year. The collection has been designed very carefully, by searching for the most basic shapes and combining their full functionality. The collection is made of durable nubuck buffalo leather, which lasts a very long time. And because this leather will only get more beautiful over time, you will love it more and more. The collection is produced in a very limited edition, in collaboration with a small team. No mass production, no overproduction. All leather is dyed in a natural dyeing process. No chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

What is Nubuck Buffalo Leather?

The leather bags from the collection are made of nubuck buffalo leather, which is a lot stronger and more durable than cow leather. Nubuck is slightly roughened on the surface, which gives it a very soft and velvet-like feel. Buffalo leather is super strong and stiff and will keep its shape very nicely, even after long use. This leather also becomes much more beautiful over time; each bag develops its own character because the very soft layer of the surface wears off. This looks amazing!

How Can You Treat an Aaron Leather Bag

If you choose to treat your leather bag, spray the bag regularly (once a month) with a moisture and dirt repellent leather spray. To allow this spray to penetrate deeply into the leather, you can run in the spray gently with a soft cloth. This way you get the authentic velvet feel back.

How Can You Get An Oil Stain Out Of Aaron Leather Bag

The best way to get an oil stain out of leather is to cover the stain with baby powder immediately after soiling. Baby powder is so fine that moisture (and even oil) is absorbed by this fine structure. Let the bag rest for a day with the baby powder on it then rub it gently. Then rub the bag with a block, so that all baby powder is removed from the leather.

How To Do Routine Cleaning Of Aaron Leather Bag

To clean any Aaron bag, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and wipe the exterior surfaces of the bag. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry with a towel. Warm, soapy water will also remove water stains and scuffs.

How To Store Aaron Leather Bags At Home

Wipe your nubuck leather bag with a soft cloth to clear any dried dry dust/dirt that has accumulated on the floor. Then, using a dry cloth and a small amount of leather cleaner, clean away the excess.

Apply a thin layer of a leather conditioner to the leather and let it age for 30 minutes. Then, using a dry muslin cloth, wipe the bag's surface clean, We suggest reconditioning your leather at least once a year because rehydration opens up the pores and allows the leather to breathe.

To help the bag maintain its shape, fill it with crumbled butter paper, bubble wrap, or plastic cushion air bags. Newspapers should not be used because the ink appears to rub off on the inner fabric. In addition, crumbled newspaper often shrinks, distorting the form of the pocket.

Leather handbags are extremely stain resistant. Colour rubbing off from denim and other darker tones is popular. As a result, store the bag in a dust bag or pillow cover. Avoid placing the handbag in a plastic bag or sealed container because it needs to breathe and even a small amount of moisture will cause mildew/mold.

To keep moisture at bay, keep handbags in a pouch or two of silica gel.

Keep the bag in a cool, dark spot. The leather discolors when exposed to sunlight. Hanging the bag stretches out the handles, so avoid doing so.

If the bag has a metal chain or strap, make sure to store it inside the bag. Alternatively, you can protect the metal handle/chain from scratching by wrapping it in foam or butter paper.

Leather is a very delicate material that requires constant treatment. The manner in which you store your leather bag will decide its health and longevity. It is recommended that you concentrate on finding the best place to store your bag and keeping an eye on it on a regular basis to ensure that all is in place for a better leather care.