First and foremost a sleeve designed to protect a MacBook Pro should protect a MacBook Pro. This might seem as a redundant or silly thing to say so, but that really is and should be priority number one of any laptop sleeve.

Protection: The number one function and the reason to buy a sleeve is to provide protection either during storage, transport or both. How the sleeve accomplishes this goal makes the debate interesting.

1) The Sleeve should be easy to use: By easy to use, the laptop should be easy to get out and put into the sleeve. Who cares how protective the sleeve is if you cannot bear to open it up and put in your MacBook Pro.

On the other hand, having an opening that is so easy to use might invite damage and not be as protective. So with all things product design, there is a balance of all these requirements. Once you've got the protection and ingress / egress figured out the basics are sorted.

2) The Sleeve should look good, especially a leather sleeve: As Apple owners and users, we typically appreciate the aesthetics of things. Decades ago people called this having good taste.

Companies who are successful in the Apple accessory space are aware of this and strive to provide a certain level of quality design. Many third party products in the Apple accessory space are the best looking of their kind relative to the rest of the computer accessory market. Moreover, each of these visual designs stacks up relative to their price points. When you can buy a sleeve on amazon or eBay for $5, a $100+ sleeve should look, feel and maybe even smell like the expensive piece that it is. If you're someone looking for a bargain basement slipcase for your $1500+ Apple laptop, this post might not be for you.

3) The sleeve should smell good: Leather is a natural material and contains a certain amount of natural oils just like your skin does. People have come to recognize the aroma of natural, real leather vs. say bonded leather, which has no smell or smells like the plastic it really is.

There are plenty of low priced sleeves available. You pay a premium for leather so should the smell of natural leather be part of the experience for you.

4) The stitching should be flawless: The creation of a leather case is all about precision and attention to detail. Every skilled leather worker knows his craft to the point where even minor blemishes are poignant in his eyes. And the best craftsmen work until every case is perfect every time. In fact, almost every aspect of crafting leather MacBook case requires care. From the stitching to the staining. And it’s this professionalism that makes a leather case truly stand out.

Tagus Macbook Laptop Sleeve Case

It looks like a file folder more than something designed to protect a $2000 piece of hardware. The leather is consistently finished. This helps add to the cleanliness of the design. Available in two colours- Caramel Brown & Raven Black, the interior has a soft microfiber lining and your MacBook can be charged without removing it from the sleeve.

One interesting detail on the back of the Tagus Macbook leather sleeve is the bubbles that accommodate the rubber feet that are on the bottom of the MacBook.They are not structural so if you push them in they indent. With the sleeve lacking any padding to absorb the surface change created by the rubber feet, Apple added the bubbles to prevent the feet from stretching the leather. This is nice attention to detail.

Carmona Macbook Laptop Sleeve Case

A magnetic clasp keeps your precious MacBook inside, held together by 48 magnets with reinforced stitching throughout. If you’re looking a high quality and premium MacBook sleeve, this the one to get.

The look of the sleeve is of a travel portfolio, which is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted for premium appeal. The bag has a magnetic flap closure on the front side whereas the backside has a zippered pocket for documents. Underneath the flap closure laptop sleeve with a main compartment, one front pocket, and a slightly smaller compartment for accessories or tablets up to 7.5’ inches.

In Conclusion

Apple laptops are expensive. If you plan on transporting yours, a leather MacBook Pro sleeve is a great way to protect it.

If you're looking to spend a lot more money for absolute minimalist protection, the Apple MacBook Sleeve is the the way to go. You paying a lot more for a lot less, less protection, less content and less features.If you're counting every ounce you pack into your messenger bag, backpack or briefcase the Apple sleeve will help keep your total weight down.

If you're looking for a more balanced approach to the weight vs. protection feature set, the Tagus Leather MacBook Sleeve offers a superior protection.