The very word brings in hindsight the virtual projection of national security personnel or the military Para-troopers with all their heavy gears being prepped up for combat training and contingency tact and awareness. What we often fail to understand is that the gear, the uniform, the very person has a character and appeal which blends into the natural surrounding so as to remain invisible unless revealed on purpose.

Aaron Reserve from Aaron Leather Goods is to be endorsed for uniqueness, creativity, utility and finesse as every product of this collection has a character of its own thus offering the customers an elite experience to showcase products which are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The Baritone Collection from Aaron Reserve is inspired from Camouflage Canvas and Vintage Leather which transpired into multi utility high end products which are unique in their presentation and aesthetics.

Venture into the territory of Baritone Collection from Aaron Reserve which is a fusion of historic gears and urban kits thus rendering products with thoughtful designing, intricate detailing, meticulous stitching, quality craftsmanship and earthly appeal. The collection is inspired from Camouflage Canvas and Vintage Leather which are blend together to manufacture premium quality product which is a natural fit for commuters, travelers and expeditions. Every product has a unique sense of appeal which caters across all generations.

 For instance the culinary accessories crafted for this collection like the Waco Camouflage Knife Roll is a multi functional product of the future with focus on safety and utility for the Professional Chef's. The Samara Camouflage Waxed Canvas Apron is a One Size Fits utility Apron which has a diversified appeal from Chef's to Metal Forgers to Construction Workers to Home Cooking to Utility Workers. The Dallas Camouflage Knife Bag is a compact yet essential tool for the Professional Chef's and is a blessing in disguise for the Cooking and chopping industry.

Also the travel accessories crafted for this collection like the Durham Camouflage Travel Bag is a limited release product with infinite appeal for excursions and expeditions. Also the Fargo Camouflage Backpack is a unique blend of minimalist art and utmost class by being compact and light weight as this is a Bag for your back without feeling the weight of it at all. The Norwich Camouflage Toiletry Bag is what you are looking for to carry all the essentials at your disposal as it is compact and multi functional. Argos Camouflage Messenger Bag is a multi utility product and is for sure the Go to Unisex Cross Body Bag of today as it connects to customers across all ages.

The Baritone Collection is a limited release collection with products crafted for those who crave for earthly appeal and a sense of representing and conjoining with the very nature at its simplistic form. It is all about the choice we make and our collection is a tribute to those who like to blend in like a minimalist with emphasis on shared dynamics with the environment.