Continuing from where we left off would like to state the obvious that Leather is a natural product which will age with time yet possess one common trait which is regardless of the caring procedures, they preserve their core characteristics. The leather surface fades naturally over time thus showing signs like difference in grain, texture and pigmentation but highlighting the authenticity of the product.

Even with excellent care, they will still age; but a well looked after and aged leather product is just as beautiful as a new one, if not even more so. This ageing process is termed as ‘Patina’, and it is a very cherished and admired effect which is almost impossible to replicate without the exposure of leather products to natural wear and tear. This natural ageing effect adds character and gives it a life-story of its very own, every mark, scratch and crack tells a tale.

Coming back to what we started in the first edition of this story is that the leather world is an ever expanding market with infinite supply and demand across all demographics across the globe. However with time and mass production, the demand of leather products seems to have saturated a bit which challenges the manufacturer to craft leather products which project a unique sense of appeal to the customers either due to their utility or the finish of the product.

Manufacturer of raw hide and finished leather products are often perceived as competitors, which at times might instill jealousy but the very word competitor thus leads to new design, innovation, cutting edge technology, refined craftsmanship, premium finish and a wide range of raw leather and finished leather products. This is the very essence of today’s world to either capture the fear or success of leather enterprises and cash on the offerings from the very source of leather world.

Leather and its finished products have been re-defined hence the customers to have develop a sense of fashion and purchase products to their liking and not merely by what is being offered in the market. Every brand seems to project that their products are the best in the market which is often questionable, debatable and to a fair extent not true. What a manufacturer needs to do is craft products which are highly durable and project class and finesse which will eventually develop their credibility.

Aaron Leather Goods does not boast of the above attributes but strive to manufacture products which are highly durable and offer the customers with utmost utility without compromising on quality and finish of the product. We believe that it is an open market with a fair share for every leather manufacturer but we have to capture the very essence and the pulse of the customers to manufacture products accordingly.