The Secret To Taking Care Of Your Leather Handbags / Accesories

Leather is a premium material that requires a lot of care to remain appealing. That's what most people think when considering a leather purchase. However, it's effortless for you to maintain your leather handbags and accessories.Today, you will learn some of the best tips and tricks to take care of your luxurious leather goodies. So, what's the secret? It's all about timing and using the correct measures!

Maintain The Perfect Shape

Maintaining the shape of your leather accessory might be the most daunting tasking. Your leather bags might shrink down or deform. You can't just iron them, right? The best way to help your bags keep their shape is by stuffing them. It will prevent the crease or cracks from forming on the accessories.If you own a leather purse, then don't overstuff it. It would expand the leather and make it wear out faster. You will end up deforming your leather accessories.For your leather shoes, you can use something like blocks or stuff them with scrunched paper. Alternatively, you can get a cedar tree shoe stretcher or retainer for the shape. For things like belts and purse, store them in their natural shape by hanging them or storing them.

Increase The Life Of The Leather

To increase the life of your leather accessory, you need to use proper brushing or cleaning regularly. Most of the time, a damp and lint-free cloth will do the job. However, a suede brush could be a good choice, as well.

If your leather accessory or bag retains any stain, it is pivotal for you to clean it immediately. A prolonged stain may affect the quality and color of your leather.

Prevent exposure to the sun. Direct sunlight, especially its UV rays, can be harmful to your leather. Think of leather as your skin. It needs proper care and protection. However, it doesn't mean that you should apply sunscreen lotion. There are other ways.

How To Maintain Your Leather Bags And Accessories?

If you want to provide an enticing appeal or gloss to your leather goodie, the polish will do a great job. Now, you have to understand that regularly polishing your leather would certainly retain its quality.

However, conditioner is equally vital for your leather. Just like your skin, leather requires moisture to remain supple. For that, there are creams and conditioners available in the market. Use them once every three months to maintain the optimum appeal of your leather.

If you are concerned about water and damage from it, waxing is essential. Once a year would do the trick. However, if you get it into frequent splashes or humid areas, you might have to get more water-resistant waxing.

Similarly, if you are in a humid area, get silica bags to put inside your bags and accessories. That would absorb excess moisture and keep your leather intact for a longer time.

No heat, more breathability

If you drench your leather items, don't use a hairdryer or other artificial method to dry them out. Nor shall you ever use an iron if your leather has received cracks and crease. It would further damage the material. Don't expose them to sunlight either. That's harmful, as mentioned above.

So what can you do? The best you can hope for is using a cloth to soak most of the water and wipe them to dry them out. After that, leave the drying to the natural ability of the leather. Over time, it will dry out. Keep it in a shaded place.

Similarly, your leather needs you to keep it breathable. It is paramount for the leather to have open space for ventilation and air circulation. If you don't want your leather to rot away, create mildew or mold, then store it in a freshly ventilated place.

That's all you need to know!

Regardless of what people have you believing, it is virtually seamless to take care of your leather. If you want to extend your leather handbags and goodies' life, this is the best way. However, if you have one of those smooth texture leather bags, you might want to prevent them from getting scratches and such. For this, you can wear gloves or add an extra coating of wax for better protection.

These are the best way to maintain your leather accessories and handbags' quality, integrity, and appeal. Dedicating a separate cabinet or closet for your leather items could be a wise choice, as well!