Have you been planning for a while to surprise your dad this Father’s Day? Give this article a thorough read to learn the different types of luxury leather goods that are ideal for gifting your father. Indeed, this person deserves a treat from you this upcoming Father’s Day, as he has been your constant support. 

The delight you will see on your dad’s face upon receiving a leather product is surely going to please you. The gifted item made of premium quality leather will age as gracefully as your father. Rest assured that you won’t find a better alternative to products crafted using genuine leather by skilled artisans.

Your dad will treasure the gift for many years if it’s a handcrafted leather item instead of a mass-produced one. Here are the different types of leather goods that are perfect for gifting your backbone this Father’s Day.

Weekender Bag

A handmade weekender bag made of premium-grade leather can be the ultimate gift for your dad. It is an everyday essential for working dads. A full-grain leather weekender bag develops an appealing patina over time. Moreover, the durability and versatility aspects of this type of leather bag make it more sought-after. 

Your dad can take the weekender bag to carry essentials whenever the whole family goes on a short weekend trip. Choose a variant that has a dedicated compartment to keep shoes, besides a separate padded space for a laptop. Personalizing the bag by embossing your dad’s initials will make the gift even more special.

Classic Briefcase

You can never go wrong with a classic briefcase neatly crafted using the best quality leather by expert artisans. Such a timeless leather good is the perfect gift for your professional dad. Aside from the sophisticated appearance, the functional facet of a classic briefcase adds to its value. 

Purchase the briefcase from a reliable online leather goods store to ensure it is worth every penny. Full-grain leather will make the briefcase look more professional as it develops an elegant sheen with time. Look for a briefcase that comes with an easy-to-detach shoulder strap and compartments for laptops and tablets.

Handcrafted Leather Wallet

Your father will use the handmade leather wallet every day if you gift it on a special occasion like Father’s Day. You may not find a more stylish, practical, thoughtful leather gift option for your dad. Opting for a men’s purse made of full-grain or top-grain leather is prudent. 

Your dad will be able to use the wallet for a long time because of its unparalleled durability. You can choose between a bi-fold and trifold wallet to gift your father and make him happy. Make an extra effort to add a special touch by personalizing the wallet using your dad’s initials.

Leather Journal

Don’t even think twice about whether to pick a leather journal if your dad likes to pen down his thoughts. You won’t find better, more meaningful handmade leather goods for him to make this Father’s Day special. It would be excellent to emboss his initials on the handcrafted leather journal. Know that your dad will cherish your thoughtful gift his entire life. Just make sure there are no second thoughts.

Besides the ones enumerated above, several other leather products handcrafted by proficient artisans are available online. Ensure you add a personal touch to the leather item you intend to gift your dad this Father’s Day. Use monograms, initials, or a small heartfelt message for personalization and to make the gift worth cherishing. 

The most informed decision is to buy a genuine leather product for your father from a top online store. Check customer reviews to be sure about the quality and longevity of the leather items available at your selected shop.  


You will certainly bring a big smile to your dad’s face by gifting him the best quality luxury leather goods. Making this year’s Father’s Day extra special and memorable won’t be difficult if you gift your dad a handcrafted leather item. Make this commendable move to see your biggest cheerleader the happiest this Father’s Day.