Aprons are typical clothing that you will undoubtedly find professional chefs wearing. There is no point in denying that aprons are instrumental in safeguarding the neat and clean attire of chefs or home cooks. You will have enough peace of mind if you put on a branded leather or canvas apron while you perform activities like cooking, washing, cleaning, or gardening.

People have been using different types of aprons for centuries because they are excellent at protecting apparel and offering multiple pockets to store different tools. Wearing a functional apron makes carrying out a messy task with the utmost efficiency. Nowadays, aprons are available online in multiple colors and styles to cater to the needs of users with different tastes.

Why Does Wearing an Apron in the Kitchen Matter?

An apron is one of the versatile garments that help one perform different activities in the kitchen without any worries. Here’s why home cooks and professional chefs consider putting on an apron when in the kitchen is imperative.

  • Protects Clothes - The primary reason to wear an apron is to safeguard clothes from splatters, spills, and stains while baking and cooking.

  • Hygiene Maintenance— It is paramount for everyone who cooks at homes or hotels to maintain a hygienic environment in the kitchen. Thus, putting on a canvas apron for cooking is a must. Doing so restrains the spread of bacteria and germs from clothes to food.

  • Wipe Hands— If you wear an apron, you need not depend on a napkin that you use and throw away repeatedly to wipe your hands while cooking. The front surface of an apron is suitable for wiping hands.

  • Prevent Burns—The risk of sustaining burns is always present when working in the kitchen, no matter how cautious one is when using hot pans, pots, and trays. Aprons made of premium-quality materials ensure protection against all sorts of high-temperature surfaces.

Various Types of Classic Aprons that You Can Use   

Despite the wide availability of aprons in modern styles and different hues, the classic ones are still sought-after. Here are the two primary classic-style aprons.

Bib Aprons

Bib apron is the typical companion of a professional chef. It offers complete protection to the front portion of the body. Usually, most bib aprons start from the chest and extend to the lower part of the knees. Buying a top-quality waxed canvas apron from a reliable online store is prudent.

These aprons have an easy-to-split skirt and an easy-to-adjust neck strap to facilitate movement. There isn’t a better alternative to bib aprons for performing messy activities in a professional kitchen. Moreover, these aprons feature several pockets for storing handy tools.

Waist Aprons

Waist aprons are a more casual variant of bib aprons. They offer coverage from the midriff to the upper part of the thighs. Bartenders and servers usually wear waist aprons, as they enable them to move freely while safeguarding their clothes from splashes and spills. These aprons are available in various patterns and colors, which help complement a user’s uniform.

Bistro Aprons

You can regard these aprons as a more extended variant of waist aprons as the length is up to the ankles. They are sought after because of the touch of European style. In a more formal restaurant, you will usually find waiters or servers wearing these aprons. Bistro aprons offer protection for legs.

Tuxedo Aprons

Tuxedo aprons are short and elegant and feature a tailored style. Servers and bartenders mainly use these aprons in high-end hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Tuxedo aprons add a touch of professionalism and personality to the actual uniform.

Dishwasher Aprons

Performing dishwashing activities wearing a dishwasher apron is a sensible decision. These aprons are made of incredibly waterproof materials. Thus, they ensure top-level protection against heat and water.

What are the Other Uses for Aprons?

The utility of the aforementioned types of aprons is not limited to kitchen or serving areas. Here are some typical uses for aprons.

  • Many people who enjoy gardening wear aprons to protect their clothes from dirt, mud, water, and stains.

  • Woodworkers use canvas or denim aprons to safeguard their uniforms from splinters and sawdust.

  • Avoiding splatters of stubborn grease when barbecuing is easier if you put on an apron made of durable materials.

  • You can prevent your clothes from getting dirty because of paints and clay while you carry out art and craft-related activities.


The best-quality canvas apron for cooking proves instrumental in serving others with different needs. So, an apron is more than a mere garment. Aside from ensuring protection, different apron types available today at online marketplaces are sought-after because of their unique styles, patterns and colors. Make sure you purchase the one that serves your needs and makes you appear chic.