It's time for a vacation! Whether you love traveling solo or in a group, you’d know the hassles of packing and carrying too much luggage. Not to forget the annoying baggage fees you need to pay at the airport! So, if you are planning stress-free traveling and yet enough space for your belongings, then it’s time to shop for the best carry on duffle bag!

If you are a travel freak who spends more time exploring the cities and less time packing, then a duffle might be your best bet. Simply toss in your things and you are all set for a memorable vacation! And it also fits in the airline’s cabin luggage compartment! 

But before you begin shopping, here’s everything you should know. 

# What is the Right Carry On Duffle Bag Size? 

When buying a carry on duffle, make sure you pick the right size, i.e., one that conforms with the airline’s guidelines you plan to travel with. For most flights and airlines, the standard size of a carry on duffle bag is 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 45L. So, if you want to carry your duffle as your carry-on baggage, keep the dimensions in mind.

# Should I Buy a Duffle Bag or a Suitcase?
Leather Duffle Bags

When it comes to buying carry-on baggage, most travelers would prefer a backpack or a suitcase. So, you’d be wondering which is better – a duffle bag or a suitcase. 

The answer – each has its own pros & cons, and the choice depends entirely on how much you would pack and the convenience you are looking for. 

Suitcases are highly spacious and can fit most of your belongings. They have a protective exterior layer that keeps the items safe inside. However, this also makes them heavy and may cause you to pay baggage fees at the airport. Another disadvantage is that suitcases can only be used for traveling. 

On the other hand, duffle bags are multi-purpose and can be used for occasions more than just traveling. These are lightweight and easier to carry while providing ample space to pack your things. And when you invest in a premium-quality leather duffle bag, it will last for years to come. Not to mention the mind-blowing style and class a handmade carry on duffle bag exudes! 

# What are the Different Types of Carry-On Duffle Bags?

Carry-on duffle bags come in different shapes and styles. Here are some of the most popular varieties you can explore: 

  • Squared duffle bag – If you are looking for something rugged and tough. 

  • Rolling duffle bag that comes with wheels - If you are looking for convenience when traveling. 

  • Backpack duffle bag – Easy to carry as they do not put stress on one shoulder.

  • Personalized duffle bag – If you are looking for something that is exclusively yours. It also makes an excellent gift.  

So, what is your style in carry on duffle bags? Pick one and flaunt your personality right away.

# Which is the Best Quality of Duffle Bags to Buy?

This is another question you will be pondering over when shopping for carry on duffle bags – which is the best material to buy?

Duffle bags come in different materials, including canvas, polyester, vinyl, nylon, cotton, PVC, or leather. Canvas and polyesters are widely popular because they can withstand wear & tear and are less expensive. However, if you are looking for a combination of refinement, ruggedness, and durability, then go for leather duffle bags. 

These are the best kind of carry on duffle bags you can buy. Leather looks exceptionally stylish and is abrasion-resistant. This means your leather duffle bag can withstand your travel chores and will never give up on you. You can also have it personalized by getting the bag embroidered, engraved, or embossed.  


# How to Buy the Right Carry-on Duffle Bag for Travel?

When shopping for the best carry on a duffle bag, here are some important factors to consider: 

  • Ease of organization: Does the bag has external compartments and adjustable interior panels? 

  • Portability: Do you prefer a duffle bag with wheels or do you want something compact and easy to carry? Does it have adjustable luggage straps and handles, or do you want a backpack duffle bag?  

  • Size: For carry-on luggage, pick a duffle bag in a personal item size. 

  • Style: Traveling with a duffle bag that looks classy can accentuate your style and personality. 

The Final Words

Ready, set, shop the best carry on duffle bag! With this knowledge handy with you, find the right duffle bag for your traveling needs. From a handmade carry on duffle bag to a personalized one for a gift, choices are ample.