The very word or correlation between the subject matter of this post seems to have a different implication and appeal to the corporate houses be it the retail or wholesale industry, There used to be a time when social media had some sort of value. Now it just seems like a hoopla of humbug campaigns. From past couple of months we have been observing influencers promoting brands in same categories without a proper subject matter but by playing it safe by having a gap of few days, a week or a month to promote multiple yet interlinked campaigns,

So where is the credibility and the efforts that were put into campaigns which proved lucrative for the corporate houses. We made an effort to find people to advocate a brand who were influencers in that particular field. Now the very term and the very medium to propagate seems to have a different perspective all together in this digital age, Virtual reality is that unexplored field for us with immense potential and immense drawbacks and frankly there is a very thin line between the two.

The radical change we see today in digital marketing is that Influencers are not defined by their field of expertise anymore but by a simple numeric assessment of followers on the numerous social platforms. If you posses the above traits, then welcome to the infinite territory of digital marketing. The blame if any is of the corporate houses first and then the agencies which are compelled to indulge in this lucrative social media marketing tools and campaigns.

We blame the corporate houses because they fail to hire influencers with the required product knowledge, industry experience and due digital knowledge when it comes to consumer mapping. Also the corporate houses do pressurize the influencers and digital marketing agencies to generate sales and increase sales volume rather than creating brand awareness with prime focus on credibility and reliability of products for customers.

Digital marketing and influencers are the key for any business venture which functions on online marketing be it the retail or wholesale sector. But the very corporate houses fail to connect to consumer needs and social trends as their campaigns are not customer related. They fail to realize that an influencer who might be niche but has an hold in their product category will provide a much better chance of consumer conversion than the one with numbers with no inclination to the product.

Also the digital marketing agencies are to be blamed because somewhere they have failed to convince the corporate houses and have inculcated in their own system to work on numbers hence have reached the bottom of the the system that might add zero value to the product. We encourage due diligence, detailed survey of market trends, in depth product information and finally brand awareness for the customers to rely not because we are the best in the business but because we provide products which are durable enough as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

It is often believed that a brand is as good as the promotional campaign but that is not always true because the transition of a product from its digital version to its material form is what defines the quality of the product hence the credibility of the brand. Customers buying pattern does rely on credible brands with multi functional and  highly durable products. Hence any corporate house is as good as the product coming out from its manufacturing facility as somewhere the digital era seems to transcend into a product which is now at the mercy of the customers for its due and realist evaluation. It is this feedback or these reviews about the product in the digital version is what finally sells the product without further investing in the marketing campaigns.