With online shopping and almost instantaneous delivery, most of our gift recipients are going to be the “man or woman that has everything” – simply because they have the capabilities to get their hands on anything and everything. This has made giving a world-class gift a bit more challenging, but given that, our leather goods are always going to put a smile on that special someone’s face- because everything can be customized from size, design to getting your initials embossed and embroidered

You just have to click on the customization option on the product page. We’ve put together this quick personalized and handmadeleather gift guide to help you find the perfect something for that special someone!

The Outdoor Adventurer

Those that spend more time outdoors than indoors are always meticulous about the gear they bring with them on an adventure, regardless of whether that adventure is anticipated to last a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

The Toulon Leather backpack from Aaron Leather Goods has been designed with adventures in mind. Made from smooth finished and durable full grain leather that is strong and relatively lightweight, this is the perfect bag to stow all your gear in when you head out into the woods.

Toulon Leather Backpack

The Urban Professional

The Miramas Leather Office Bag is an ideal companion for your urban professional. Handmade with reinforced saddle stitching throughout the full grain leather materials, this is a laptop bag that tells the world that you have arrived. The leather looks fantastic right out of the box, but it’s going to color, patina, and age just as your career does.

Miramas Leather Office Bag – Walnut Brown

The Dedicated Student

Leather messenger bag makes for the perfect bag for students that need something to hold “everything and the kitchen sink” without getting cluttered or bogged down at the same time.

The Prato Canvas Messenger Bag from Aaron Leather Goods is a multi utility product with high premium finish, minimalist design and thoughtful detailing. It is for sure the go to unisex cross body messenger bag of today as relates to customers across all ages due to the sheer appeal and voguish look of the bag.

Prato Canvas Messenger Bag - Charcoal Grey

The Worldwide Traveller

The Bordeaux Leather Duffle Bag in walnut brownis designed with global travel in mind.

You get plenty of storage space with this handmade bag but won’t ever have to worry about checking it if you’re going to be loading up everything you own while skipping and hopping around the world. This bag has been designed to meet all carry-on size regulations, giving you the confidence to know that your global travel gear isn’t ever going to be out of your sight or out of your control.

Bordeaux Leather Duffle Bag – Walnut Brown

The Sophisticated Woman

These discerning gift recipients are going to be over the moon when they get their hands on any of the beautiful leather tote bags handmade by us.

Brittany Travel Tote Bag in walnut brown is handcrafted by artisans with premium quality thick leather with natural unlined and raw leather as lining for dynamic appeal and precision stitched for durability.

Brittany Travel Tote Bag- Walnut Brown

Other Options For Those On A Budget

Of course, if you are having a tough time pigeonholing someone on your gift list this year, or if you want to make sure that your giving a “universal” gift that’s always going to be well received, you really can’t go wrong with our journal or wallet.

All the gear mentioned above feature that same full grain leather and handmade construction that we at Aaron Leather Goods brings to the table.